A central component of exalt’s strategy for growth and greater impact in our next chapter is to increase the number and diversity of career exploratory and educational development opportunities for our graduates.  This expansion of our work is aimed at two primary outcomes: 

  • A richer array of opportunities to provide to our graduates that incentivize them to continue pursuing educational and career goals. 
  • Increased engagement with and investment in our young people by the private sector.

The purpose of our Advisory Board is to bring together a diverse group of leading professionals willing to leverage their networks to help us achieve these goals.  

For more information, contact our Internship and Community Development Liaison, Justine Gonzalez, 347-381-8108, justinegonzalez@exaltyouth.org

I love getting the opportunity to provide these kids with some guidance, to give them little bits of advice that they haven’t had the opportunity to hear before.
— Aram Hambardzumyan Brooklyn Family Defense Services