The first component of our rigorous program is an intensive six week class that meets two hours per day after school.  Our proprietary curriculum weaves important historical, social, and economic context with tangible skill development to make content relevant and applicable for students.  Students then transition into two-month, paid internships in which they practice putting their skills into action while being exposed to new environments, people and career paths.  Post-internship, program participants return for additional teaching to focus on adaptive application of the skills, information and experience they’ve gained, as they pursue education and employment goals.

Our programming is so impactful that John Jay College's Research and Evaluation Center named exalt an Agency Affiliate of its Evidence Generation Initiative in 2014.

The class ended up being a lot different from what I expected. I thought it was just going to be another program, but it was much more than that. exalt teachers want us to be smart, so that we can change our lives and our communities, not just pass a test.
— Ebony, Cycle 12