Adjunct Instructor (Contract)

REPORTS TO:  Director of Programs


The Adjunct Instructor is an exciting opportunity and newly crafted role within the organization. The individual in this role will lead participants through 2-3 key components of exalt’s core educational program: 1.) 6-Week Pre- Internship Phase preparation classes, that utilize a curriculum with a focus on employability, educational engagement and avoidance of justice system involvement. 2.) eight Friday Seminars (during the 8-Week Internship Phase), which builds upon the 6-week classroom curriculum and provides opportunities for participants to reflect on their internship experiences 3.) [optional- schedule availability and compensation contingent] 2-Week Post-Internship Phase classes, that allow students to further synthesize their internship experiences with prior classroom learning and develop tangible goals and strategies for post-program justice system avoidance, successful engagement in school, and employability.



Teach one (1) program cycle on a per-diem basis, consisting of: 1.) a 6-week Pre-Internship Training class (for 2 hours) with training beginning the week of June 25th and classes beginning the week of July 9th, from either 12noon to 2pm or 4:30-6:30pm Monday-Thursday as well as 2.) eight Friday Seminars (for 2 hours from either 12 noon to 2pm or 4:30 pm to 6:30pm Fridays). 3.) [optional] 2-Week Post Internship Classes Mon-Thursday either 12noon to 2pm or 4:30 to 6:30pm. Classes will be comprised of approximately 15-20 court-involved youth, ages 15-19.

The Adjunct Instructor will be prepared to:

  • Engage youth typically resistant to educational settings.
  • Employ at least 1 hour of prep for every 2 hours of classroom instruction
  • Gauge individual student learning styles, challenges and strengths and tailor instruction to maximize student engagement and comprehension.
  • Communicate regularly with exalt staff to share students’ obstacles, assets and opportunities and incorporate information into class instruction through email and meetings.
  • Write weekly progress notes assessing developmental progress and setbacks of students.
  • Prepare court letters and attend court for students as needed.
  • Devise strategies to address the diverse needs of students at risk of program incompletion;
  • Link all classroom discussion and instruction to exalt’s long term goals for students: increased investment and persistence in school, employability, and sustained avoidance of further justice system involvement.
  1. Conduct all four core skill pre and post assessments on schedule.
  2. Develop individualized goals for students and support their progress towards goals by conducting school visits, attending court or developing other resources as needed.
  3. Conduct outreach to participants on a regular basis via phone, email and in person in order to monitor and assess ongoing progress and needs, particularly in terms of education, criminal justice system avoidance, and employment.



  • Demonstrated ability to manage a classroom of high school age youth typically resistant to educational settings. Balance clear structure, accountability and discipline with engaging teaching style to facilitate high participation and interest from students.
  • Adaptability: Able to adapt quickly to new information and unexpected obstacles, and approach change positively. Can adapt exalt’s curriculum to the specific needs, learning styles and personalities of each student.
  • Applied learning: Able to learn and apply new position-related information quickly i.e. all exalt youth interface with the juvenile or criminal (adult) justice systems. Adjunct Instructors must become familiar with these systems to understand their role in students’ lives and meaning in curriculum.
  • Cultural competence: has strong familiarity with and understanding of exalt students’ histories, cultures and the socio-economic and political factors which have shaped those, and can use culturally relevant and contextualized lessons and teaching methods in class. Classes are typically comprised of 95% or more Black American, Caribbean youth and Latino/Latina/Latin(x) youth.
  • Communication: Clearly and effectively convey and receive information and ideas to/from students and colleagues through a variety of media. Demonstrate strong written, oral and listening skills.
  • Planning and Organization: Organize work, sets priorities, determine resource requirements and seek input and support from supervisors/colleagues; determine necessary sequence of activities needed to achieve goals.
  • Decision-Making and Stress Management: exalt students face an abundance of obstacles in their lives and often have pending court requirements that put their freedom in jeopardy. Staff must be able to manage making challenging decisions (e.g. potentially releasing a student from the program who cannot meet standards despite program flexibility), and balance the emotional aspects of working with young people facing severe challenges.


  • Bachelors Degree.

  • Strong interest in exalt’s mission.

  • Demonstrated organizational and research skills and experience.

SALARY AND BENEFITS: $5,000 - $7,000 per cycle

TO APPLY: Please email your resume and cover letter to The subject line must read Adjunct Instructor Applicant.

exalt is an equal opportunity employer