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Heat helps weariness. I find myself telling my dog to “stop the madness” - when he pushes on the boundary between antics and bad behavior - and realize maybe I’m trying to keep my own madness at bay to some degree. These degrees that have been scorching our brains. Humidity stagnating our thoughts, like a collective holding of breath. What better way to stir up breeze in our psyches than to present them with the possibilities that only art can pose.

While exalt is not an arts organization, per se, our philosophy and core values stem from the recognition of creative energy as the most universal and potent human energy. Our staff has always been comprised largely of artists (Program Team Leader Nathaniel Mary Quinn currently has pieces up at MoCADA) and many of our internship partners, by intention, are creative enterprises. It is no accident that the words they use to describe their missions synchronize with exalt’s goals:

“….we support the development of arts, culture and entertainment through collaborations and by mixing artistic genres to produce unexpected outcomes.” Third Streaming Gallery 

“My name is Richard. I’m an artist. I like sound. I build things. I believe everyone’s voice deserves to be heard. …We are committed to… all those out there who wish to make their own noise” Brandnewnoise studio

The people behind these enterprises, and the studios, galleries, and shops they curate, design, and build in provide incredibly rich experiences for exalt youth. They invite our students to explore, interpret, dedicate, and sometimes simply meditate.

We invite you to check out some of these fabulous spaces that help dislodge samskaras –grooves worn into our minds by repetitious experiences and mental mantras.

The Invisible Dog - featured in Interior Design Magazine’s March 2013 100 Big Ideas issue 

By Brooklyn 

Weaving Hand 

If you know of a great gallery, studio, or other creative enterprise (graphic design, architecture, film, furniture design, animation…) that might consider hosting exalt interns, please share it with us at take on an Intern

Executive Director

Executive Director