exalt is...


For young people who’ve been told they’re nothing and going nowhere
     To be told they’re incredible, and that they can go somewhere; 
          To be given a classroom experience designed to help them 
          shine, push themselves and each other, be the engaged and 
          successful students they want to be; 
               To be given access to an internship in a professional 
               space, in a field they may not have known existed; 
                    To be inspired.


     We ensure our teachers are innovative by vetting all potential staff by our 
     students; exalt youth determine who we hire by telling us who and what 
     motivates them; 
          We’ve developed internal pre and post assessments for our “four core 
          skills” (communication, critical thinking, creative problem solving, 
          and resource management) that connect directly to classroom 
          lessons, ensuring that we’re constantly gauging students’ progress and 
          our own effectiveness at teaching them; 
               We regularly bring new content to our curriculum that 
               connects to our students’ lives so what we’re teaching is 
               always relevant and engaging.


exalt is the only program designed for and exclusively serving justice-system involved 
youth in NYC in which: 
     They participate voluntarily – and yet do not get paid for the first six weeks 
     of participation. The only reason they continue attending is because of the 
     value THEY feel they get in our classroom; 
          They can receive significantly reduced sentences than what they were 
          initially facing when they start our program based on their own 
          strong performance in the program. exalt demonstrates that youth 
          do not have to take pre-established plea bargains for long probation 
          sentences to avoid incarceration.


     95% of our graduates from the past two years have NOT received any new 
          93% of our graduates from the last 2 years remain enrolled in school; 8% 
          are attending college; 
               Over 70% of the youth who come to us with open court cases 
               receive significantly lowered and fairer sentences than what they 
               originally faced due to their successful participation in our 

In the words of our students, exalt is also:


Hear what they have to say.

Please help exalt unlock the potential of more young people in 2014 by contributing to our inaugural year-end campaign. A contribution of ANY amount makes a huge difference, and ALL contributions will help us reach our goal of raising $20,000 by December 31st.

Executive Director

Executive Director