Change is a process,


not an event


exalt catalyzes a transformation in the way our participants THINK, which is a necessary precursor to substantive and long term behavior change.

At exalt, we believe that young people have the potential to achieve lasting behavioral change. Through an intensive 6-Week Immersion Program and an 8-Week Paid Internship, we elevate expectations for court-involved youth ages 15-19 and act as a support network throughout their journey toward personal success. Our unique program model embraces voluntary participation, sending a strong message to our students, school partners, and the courts, about the power of agency.

exalt Program Diagram.jpg

Our powerful combination of structured classes for tangible skill development, individualized support to navigate the education and justice systems, placement in paid internships and an alumni network of resources equips youth with the tools and experience to avoid further criminal justice system involvement.  

exalt's Four Core Skills:

  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Resource Management

We succeed when more youth feel that they have a place in society.  Join us in this movement and learn more about your potential for impact.