exalt is different from regular education because we don’t sit like zombies for a few hours reading things off of a board, the lessons that we learn are more interactive.
— Daquan, Cycle 42

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exalt ONLY serves court-involved youth.  For a visual map of the spectrum we serve, go to who we serve.  In addition, some of our key criteria are:

  • Youth must be enrolled in school or an educational program or be willing to enroll in order to participate (in which case exalt will assist with this process). We do not accept youth who have already obtained a HS diploma.

  • exalt does not serve youth who have received or are receiving any employment/job readiness preparation/programs.

  • Candidate must have a Social Security Number.

i want to enroll myself

If you are interested in applying for our program, please contact our Program Manager, Nadya Encarnacion (nadyaencarnacion@exaltyouth.org), or our Program Coordinator, Rafelina Contreras (rafelinacontreras@exaltyouth.org), at 347-621-6100

Or, refer yourself below.

If you reach their voicemail, please make sure to leave a message with your name and phone number.  

To access a printable version of our referral form, please go here.