An equitable future for court-involved youth.


exalt exposes kids to good people, new ideas, and work experience, whereas incarceration shelters them from all of that.
— Nicole Rochat, Legal Aid Society

exalt demonstrates the power of effective educational engagement  as a viable alternative  to criminal justice involvement for today’s young people.  At exalt we know that it is our job to inspire and motivate young people to participate in what we have to offer.  Because we are voluntary, and because our students are unpaid for the first 6 weeks of their participation, the only reason they will show up is because of the value THEY feel they get.

Our model is not just about avoiding jail. It is about  re-engaging young people in their love for learning and in helping them understand the urgency of taking action to reverse their journey along the school-to-prison pipeline.  While exalt is not a school, our model has broad implications for the intersection of education and juvenile justice, as well as the future of our economy.