Become an exalt Internship Provider


By becoming an internship provider, you provide an opportunity for an eager youth to gain skills and experience that help them build a positive, constructive future. Participate in this mutually beneficial model: receive help in running your business/organization, while allowing your intern to reach their highest potential. exalt covers 100% of the cost of these paid internships while the intern is working with you. Please join us in our efforts to equip our students with the guidance and tools to thrive.

As an exalt internship provider, you will:
• Expose youth to career paths in your industry’s sector
• Provide mentorship and a meaningful work experience
• Help youth develop networks and resources that broaden their vision of what’s possible for their futures
• Help strengthen the pipeline between today’s youth and tomorrow’s economy

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The Role of an Internship Provider


Set Job Description:
• Assist the exalt Internship Liaison to develop a job description for the internship at your workplace

Provide an internship supervisor, who will:
• Provide guidance and mentorship to the intern throughout the internship.
• Sets aside time to work closely with the intern, including an initial orientation to the work site and their job duties, as well as weekly one-on-one check-ins throughout the internship phase.
• Assists intern in developing a comprehensive understanding of your workplace, the various roles of people within the workplace, and the sector in general.
• Creates tangible tasks and projects for intern to accomplish.
• Communicates with the exalt Senior Teacher and Program Coordinator consistently, giving honest feedback and updates on the interns’ performance.

Additional information can be found here, at Frequently Asked Questions, or by reaching out to our Partnership Development and Internship Liaison, Eleazar Adjehoun at 347-621-6100 ex: 105