I think the world of exalt, and there should be a million more like exalt out in the world.
— Jessica Kay, Clinical Director and Social Worker, Red Hook Community Center
As I keep attending exalt I see myself get better as a person. exalt helps keep kids off the street and puts them on the road to success. exalt also brings out the confidence in you, it gets you to try to better yourself so that you can grow to be who you want to be in life.
— Imanii, Cycle 60
My family loves the new me. They think I’m more responsible, mature, and just a better leader. So that’s why after graduating high school, I’ve decide to go to college and major in business management. Thanks for helping create a better me. If only the Board of Education had programs like this.
— Day-von, Cycle 44
exalt taught me to not be afraid to put my opinions and suggestions out there, as long as they’re positive. exalt helped me with not just doing what’s asked, but doing more.
— Rakayyah, Cycle 27
exalt helped to get my personal and social life on track. During my time at exalt, I realized that most of my friends were not truly my friends and were actually a burden to my success. I have also learned how to control my emotions. I am now more aware of the consequences of my actions and the decisions I make and how it can affect me and the people around me.
— Ayanna, Cycle 40